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Askith, and ZT Deliverith!

Beautiful jump of insanity >:D!

Very tasty toon there, buddeh. I should get to work on some things, eh?

Blue Versus Green Ep. 3 Blue Versus Green Ep. 3

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Okay, little note for you:

When you have a credits button, give credit to EVERYTIHNG. MUSIC INCLUDED! You basically did "everything - me", and didn't do the ever-so-aweosme "Menu music: <song> by <band>" "Credits music <song> by <band-if-known>", hence the 0/10. I'd give it higher, but I REALLY get annoyed when people don't mention things like's pretty much stealing (well, actually, without permission it is XD! But a little credit would be nice.)

Swim-The-Swan responds:

Hey kids! Did you know that when you vote zero on something just because they left one thing out in the credits, thats being an asshole? Tune in next time for newgrounds tip number 2!

Another Maple Story Another Maple Story

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Okay, so! Here's some SUPER AWESOME THINGS:

Azumanga Daioh!!! z0mg I <3 Azumanga Diaoh!!!! YOU ROCKZORS!!!

Another nifty thing...THE LOITUMA SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

CirrusEpix responds:

Polka, cake baking, chuck norris and chewbacca... I know. The only cool thing I left out was Solid Snake.

The Perfect Picnic The Perfect Picnic

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"Trees don't talk!"

...they don't? Is is just me? I though it was normal to have a two-sided conversation with trees...>_>!!

ZT responds:

Trees talk, but very slowly. Sometimes they drool because they talk so slowly. Tasty tasty sugary drool :)

Akira the Don - Hypocrite Akira the Don - Hypocrite

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Had to watch that one 3 times.
First time, because I had to read the subs to figure out the song.
Second time, because the animation DEFIANTLY deserved a proper viewing.
And one last time to see it all come together! And I must say, it was EXTREMELY worth it!!! Good job Woncop, Akira, and everyone else involved in this one, you deserve some kudos...and some muffins (tasty muffins).

Wonchop responds:

Get the chocolate ones from Marks and Spencer with the gooey centre. *droool*

&amp;quot;Stripped&amp;quot; - VHS "Stripped" - VHS

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It's Azumanga Daioh!!! (Sorry, saw a TON of things from Azu, XD!!!)

I luff Azumanga Daioh.

Dumbbell Dumbbell

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I love it! The animation is so...amazing :3!! And the idea, ah so tasty!! You get a cookie!

A Pokemon Battle Flash A Pokemon Battle Flash

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Scary fun fact, Me + A few friends were fighting about who would win, Jesus or Chuck Norris, about a year ago...and still to this day, I side with Jesus...he's got resurrection on his side, Chuck Norris can't be that, you kill Jesus, he's all like "RESURRECT!"

AustinBreed responds:

True dat son. Lol. Jesus owns all besides the Sun. B) Sun > ALL.


Less Than Three Less Than Three

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That was great <3!

"Less than three, you love me, meet me here on IRC LOLOL"
"Less than three, OMG, love computer fantasy, meet me here on IRC LOLOL"
Will be stuck in my head for the next five years.

Thank you, you got the following out of my head:
"Bananas in byjamas are coming down the stairs.
Bananas in byjamas are coming down in pairs.
Bananas in byjamas are chasing teddy bears.
'Cuz on Tuesdays they all try to Catch them Unawares!".

GoshaDole responds:

You'll get caught up in the, CROSSFIRE!!!!


makin a pizza makin a pizza

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I love it :D! Can I have some pizza without swiss? Please?!

This review is insanely well received!
ZT responds: